Born in London, England, Desmond began his acting career at just 8 years old.

His face first became familiar to British audiences when he appeared in a television commercial for Cadbury’s chocolate fingers (right), which won numerous awards, including
a prestigious British Advertising Award for
its Director, Alan Blake.

This success led to further commercial roles, performances on television shows for the
BBC and ITV networks, and allowed Desmond
to support many children’s charities with
guest appearances at fundraising functions.
He was cast in McCartney’s film “Give my regards to Broad Street”, portrayed the
young Bill Wyman in “Digital Dreams” and
played a young George Michael in the music video for the Wham! smash hit single,
“Bad Boys” (left).

Despite an offer from an elite English grammar school, Desmond decided to pursue acting ever more enthusiastically, enrolling in the world-famous Sylvia Young Theatre School. There, he studied Shakespeare under Jaqueline Stoker, earning all of his acting credentials from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) with distinction and honors.
It was around this time that he was noticed by three legendary British musicians... 
Sir Paul McCartney, George Michael and The Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman.
Throughout his education, Desmond continued to work professionally in television and music videos, and made his first appearance in live theatre, playing Gavroche alongside the original west-end cast of “Les Misérables” -- the most successful musical theatre production in history. This instilled in him a love of theatre which he retains to this day.
Upon graduation, he quickly landed a leading role in the classic BBC TV show, “Grange Hill” (right), in which he appeared for four years as Richard Hare. Following this, he returned to ITV to play Danny Hill in “Island” for two years, working in various theatre productions all over the UK during hiatuses from these shows.

Desmond’s initiation into Hollywood came when he landed the role of Simon Baines in the cult movie “Go”, directed by Doug Liman. His performance attracted the attention of ABC executives, who promptly cast him as Ed in the sitcom “Then Came You”.
Since relocating to Los Angeles in 1999, Desmond has appeared in many more movies, including; “The Hills Have Eyes”, “Turistas”, “Fabled” and “Repli-Kate”. He has also continued to work in television in America, guest-starring or recurring in popular shows such as “NCIS”, “Roswell”, “Charmed” and “Las Vegas”.

Some of his most recent credits include voiceover and motion-capture performances in the global blockbuster  video-game franchises “Call of Duty”, “Dragon Age”, “Resident Evil” and “Elder Scrolls”, and he can currently be heard as  the Network Announcer for MGM’s “Impact” action-movie channel.